„the whole man is the goal of REBALANCING….“ OSHO

“Every emotional thought has a muscle-change-reaction as an answer,
that is why the whole human body shows us its emotional thinking.”

Ken Dychtwald, Author of “Bodymind”


Massage-RaumThis deep structural bodytherapie  brings your body, soul and feelings into balance and brings you into contact with your individual self.
The work is carried out at body level, psychic level and energy level. It works with deep tissue, body reading, joint release, body awareness training as well as emotions and their expression.

Body Level

Relaxing, loosening muscles, tendons, ligaments, getting the body into alignment. We achieve a new inner/outer „hold”. Because the work is done directly on the body, it relieves a lot of our physical aches and pains.

Energy Level

Old mental blocks are dissolved so our energy can flow again. We recover our „body heat”.
Psychic Level

Here we work with the memory of each cell. Injury, wounds, restrictions, early experiences, all are stored in the cells. If we do conscious body-work, we can touch these cells while simultaneously touching those memories. Old feelings and memories re-emerge and are released.

After a rebalancing session, our body finally responds at all these levels. It can happen not only during the session, but also in many ways in our daily lives.

“The whole man is the goal of Rebalancing”


And this is what we need to understand!

When our body-hold changes, we also see external changes in daily life.
Sometimes our body reacts with different kinds of physical symptoms: it can be a cold, a skin reaction, something where the body is trying to cleanse itself, or mood changes, new energy, new power, all the kinds of emotions and moods we humans have inside.
All these reactions are good signs: The body-mind complex is on the move.

To understand and accept—that’s the difficult part.
Here is where we need to trust that life, our body and our soul will show us the way, a way connected to our true self.
And most of the time it is not the way of society, of the church, of “good education” or “proper behaviour”, etc…
It is the way of our individual human being.

per 2 h session – 110 Euro
10x course (Recommended to experience the whole Rebalancing process) 950 Euro advance payment (can be payed in two installments).