About Me


  • 1973 born in Leipzig
  • 1999 qualified as nationally recognised nurse
  • 1999 – 2009 nurse at Park Hospital, Leipzig
  • 2006 trained in foot reflexology under Alf Conrad, Leipzig
  • 2007 – present training and qualification in various therapeutical techniques including:
    deep tissue massage,
    classic californian massage,
    joint release,
    Chua ka self massage
    training and qualification as certified Rebalancer
  • 2007 – Present practice both abroad (France and Mexico) and in Berlin
  • 2011 opening of own practice in Leipzig

Planned for 2011:
Training in “healing backpain” with “Mr.Rebalancing”, Sathyarti Peloquin in Mexico.
Qualification as a psychological counsellor.

Understanding the language of our bodies, the houses of our souls has become the main focus of my life.
Throughout my training both pursuing my own impulses and themes and working together with others collaboratively have been and remain key to truly being in contact with inner and outer life.
Body work and massage give us the chance to get connected with our own idiosyncratic selves. Body work and massage is more than “just”‘ touch…its a recognition of the self, letting go and activation of individual strengths and self healing processes.
Each body has everything it needs to heal itself and healing is as individual a process as we ourselves are.