Foot Reflexology Massage

Through massaging the reflexology zones of the foot which correspond to the various organs of the body an activation and revitalisation of the whole organism is achieved. Through touch, specific regions and organs can be sensed which though not “ill” may be neglected or in need of some attention.
Through massage of the corresponding reflex zones the self healing process is activated and a gentle relaxation is possible.
With Reflexology foot massage there are several techniques. Deep pressure point massage is partially assisted with wooden objects, on the other hand there are softer stroking and holding styles.
My method uses holding, energising, and stroking with partially deeper, stronger revitalising massage.

“Be grateful to your feet, they carry more than you realise!”

1h – 55 Euro
1,5h – 75 Euro
2h – 90 Euro

A house visit is also available for deep tissue massage, classic californian massage and foot reflexology.
Prices here as above plus additional 5 euro for the extra costs incurred.